What do I need to join Gusli?

With RAS and WIPO organization
A Device
Windows or Android
In order to be always online
How much does the service cost?
Forpublic places, the service is absolutely FREE.
How to get cashback from music?
With each paid guest order, you will receive a percentage. The amount accumulates in your account. Withdrawal is carried out in any way convenient for you. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2000 rubles.
How does it work?
In order to start using our service, you need to log in or register on our site. Then you need to download and install the GUSLI player from your personal account. You will see a shortcut on your desktop to launch the program. As soon as you start the player, it automatically plays the music you selected in your account in the "My Music" section.
Can I see the list of music available?
Yes of course. To do this, you need to go to My Music section in your account, select the playlist you want to listen to and click on its title. You will see a full list of songs, you can listen to each track, skip or block it. Also, you'll see the information on how many hours the playlist is going to last.
How can guests order music in my public place?
Is it possible to place audio advertising in our institution?
Can I increase the cost of a track order?
Can I edit the data?
Is it possible to connect several institutions to one personal account?
What do I need to start using the service?
Is it necessary to sign an agreement with WIPO or RAS?
How do I set up background music for an institution?
How do I disable unwanted genres for guest orders?
Can I create my own playlists?
What are the cooperation conditions?


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Contact us. We will reply as soon as possible!
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