Background music for a pub

The easiest way to manage music in a pub
Easy to use service
Flexible settings system for the desired public place format.
Profit Increase
Due to the service interactivity, the loyalty of visitors increases, and so does the average bill.
Music Caching
The player keeps working even if the Internet connection is broken.

Perfect music for a pub

  • More than 130 professionally designed music collections to create a unique atmosphere in your pub
  • All compositions are aligned to the volume level and have a smooth transition between tracks
  • We use only modern and popular music content
Indie rock for a pub
Ska Punk
Rock and roll for a pub
Rock for a pub
Irish Punk
Country for a pub
Pop Rock
Punk for a pub
Hard rock for a pub
Glam Rock
Professional Pub music design

Professional Pub music design

Properly chosen music will help you create a unique atmosphere in the pub. GUSLI music editors have compiled over 130 background music collections for your public place. The music collection contains both legendary hits and new popular tracks.

You can create any mood in the pub with the help of our service. We will help create either a fun party or a cozy atmosphere.

Attracting new guests

Attracting new guests

You can get free advertising support. Once connected, your pub will be visible for hundreds of thousands of GUSLI app users. You can post information about new promotions, as well as enjoy the opportunity to play audio ads in your pub. The app is free for guests.

Additional profit

Additional profit

Thanks to our service, the owner can get cashback from each ordered track. That is, the guest comes to the public place, purchases his favorite music, and you get deductions from each music order.

Easy Service Integration

Easy Service Integration

You just download the player and choose the music collections that you want to hear in your institution. The music is cached and is case of Internet disconnection it will continue to play.

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