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Easy to use service
Flexible settings system for the desired public place format.
Profit Increase
Due to the service interactivity, the loyalty of visitors increases, and so does the average bill.
Music Caching
The player keeps working even if the Internet connection is broken.
Perfect Music for Hookah Bars
Perfect Music for Hookah Bars

One of the keys to success for a hookah bar is the right music selection. It is music that creates an atmosphere influencing the mood of the guests directly. Experienced music editors of our service have carefully compiled numerous lounge music collections for your hookah.

Automated service
Automated service

Download the player, select music collections, and our service will do the rest for you. Even in case of Internet connection problems, the song will continue to play. If you have any questions, please contact technical support 24/7.

Additional advertising opportunities
Additional advertising opportunities

Connect hookah to our service and place promotions and news of your public place for free. They will be displayed in the GUSLI mobile app, where hundreds of thousands of potential guests will see them.

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